ISO 27017 Audit & Implementation

The ISO 27017 standard directs the information security elements of cloud computing by suggesting and supporting the deployment of cloud-specific security measures. It offers information that goes beyond the IEC 27002's general security guidelines for computing.

With a specific focus on cloud computing, ISO/IEC 27017 addresses the special security issues related to cloud services.

The standard provides guidelines on how to design efficient information security measures for cloud service customers (CSCs) and cloud service providers (CSPs). Data governance, information management and classification, legal and regulatory compliance, and incident response are just a few of the areas that these controls address.

Core Objectives

  • Identifies, assesses, and manages the risks associated with the use of cloud services
  • Develop and implement risk mitigation strategies and controls to address identified risks
  • Establishes processes to monitor and ensure compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements related to information security and data protection
  • Defines roles and responsibilities, conducting regular risk assessments, and establishing incident response and monitoring mechanisms


  • Identifying and establishing the organization's context, including its internal, external, and risk management contexts
  • Identifying all interested parties and their needs (such as clients, partners, suppliers, and shareholders, but also possible entities like the families of employees, the local community, the media and government agencies, etc.)
  • Identifying and documenting the interfaces between the organization's activities and those carried out by outside parties is known as "defining interfaces" in the context of the ISMS
  • Helping to draft and record privacy policies, practices, and recommendations that comply with ISO 27017 standards
  • Legal compliance
  • Improving competitive edge
  • Reduction in security risks
  • Support for data protection requirements
  • Collection of Evidence
  • Reviewing and updating documentation, including security policies, procedures, and risk assessments, to ensure compliance with ISO 27017
  • Proving in-house Awareness Training
  • Conducting internal audit & MRM
  • Guiding in establishing a framework for continuous improvement, helping organizations monitor and enhance their privacy practices over time
  • Assisting the organization in executing remedial and preventive measures
  • Holding off until the certifying body issues the final certification

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