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Cyber security
Major concern for both Government and business

Cyber criminals are targeting any business that is connected to the digital world. If your company has a digital presence – a website, a blog, an intranet or a sales page, mobile app etc. Then you are targeted by hackers. And no organization is too small to be the target of cyber crime. It's crucial for organizations to supplement traditional security with self-protecting mechanisms. Globally, with a tremendous rise in cyber crime, there is a rapidly growing demand for highly skilled professional called Ethical Hackers / IT Security Professionals who can safeguard the Internet & corporate networks and data.

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Is your IT infrastructure Safe?
Is your IT infrastructure Safe?
Is your website Hack-Proof?
Is your website Hack-Proof?
Does your company have any policy to enforce security checklist & guidelines?
Does your company have any policy to enforce security checklist & guidelines?
In case of disaster, does your company have any recovery plan?
In case of disaster, does your company have any recovery plan?
Internal data leakage
Internal Data Leakage
Unpatched security vulnerabilities
Unpatched Security Vulnerabilities
Real-time security monitoring
Real-time Security Monitoring
Lack of IT Security Management
Lack of IT Security Management

faced by company

Industry experts are predicting that the challenge of cyber security is likely to get worse and that the damages will become even more devastating. Cyber attacks on critical data by hackers may lead to data leakage to cyber criminals or possible cyber-espionage to bring down productivity. Many companies go through numerous cyber security problems without ever actually realizing it. Thus the problems remain unresolved and create openings for attackers to breach a company's security infrastructure to steal data and generally wreak havoc.

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Comprehensive and reliable information security controls reduce the organization's overall risk profile. ISOAH follows matured, proven and highly effective methodology to help various organizations across various verticals address the vulnerabilities and improve the security situation and product configurations.

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GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens and applies to all businesses and organizations established in the EU regardless of whether the data processing takes place in EU or not.


An offensive hacking methodology with zero downtime. Helps to identify network vulnerabilities an loopholes.

Server &

Data Center
Security Audit

An ethical hacking exercise on your website to make it hack proof. Don't let hackers deface your website & damage your reputation.

Website &
Mobile App
Security Audit

Your last line of defense is your workforce. Train them on information security.

Audit &

We deliver a range of business tools to offer your organization the necessary support in compliance with ISO-27001:2013.


Certified Lead Implementer Professional (CLIP) for BS 10012:2017 Personal Information Management System including General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR).

Training for
General Data

Privacy Regulations

This structured approach ensures subject matter experts to plan tasks well in advance on need basis and adhere to the project timelines with minimal slippages.

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Case Studies

Anti Hacking Real-life case study – Cyber Security Crisis Management by ISOAH.

Non-stop hacking in JU website during 'Hok Kolorob' stopped by ISOAH
Non-stop hacking in JU website during 'Hok Kolorob' stopped by ISOAH

Case study: Network, Server & Data Center Security audit (VAPT)

What happened: In 2014, amidst a massive student agitation & rally, the website of the renowned university got hacked & it became a media sensation overnight.

Impact: The relentless attack got stopped within the next day we took over, while our team analyzed the code (approx. 2000 pages) & helped JU technical team to understand the security gap in the code & subsequent plugin. The media attention stopped without further hacking of the website.

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