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Safety First for Facebook, Specially for Juvenile Users

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Facebook re-emphasizes parental control over Messenger Kids, its juvenile messaging app.

Attention parents and children!!!

Parents, if you thought Facebook is the reason for your child to ignore his homework you now have reasons to rejoice.

Children who think that the Messenger app is their easiest way to freak out are in for a letdown.

Facebook is introducing new features to its juvenile messaging app Messenger Kids which will enable parents to tap their children's chat in a more scrutinized way than ever before.

Messenger Kid is an interactive cyber communication platform owned by Facebook intended at children below 13 years attributed with features of parental control.

It came under major controversy for violating its parental privacy rules in 2019 when child users started chatting with utter strangers online.

Now not only will you be able to know your child's cyber acquaintances but also check and recheck his chat history, videos and photographs, monitor the content, know where is he logged in and even automate a log out remotely. Additionally one may also ask for a copy for one's child's messenger kids data. The new features that will enable it all is accessible by the Messenger Kids Parent Dashboard in the Facebook Android and iOS apps.

"Parents remain in control of who their child is connected to in Messenger Kids and can remove people from their child's contact list at any time," said Facebook product manager Morgan Brown.

And that is not all.

There are new perks for children as well.

After all it's a children's app.

Children are now at more vantage position on the Messenger app to add, block, unblock and report fellow netizens whom they are interacting with, an online activity roster which their parents can easily follow.

Apart from introducing these latest features Facebook is also revising its privacy policy regarding its "data collection, use, sharing, retention and deletion practices".

While Facebook is abstaining from commercial exploitation of its collected juvenile data it is also initiating apt lessons on data collection to be administered to children.

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