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How to Ensure Cyber Security in Social Media

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How to Ensure Cyber Security in Social Media

The social media is a powerful tool in our hands to see and influence the world in our own way. But there exists the threat of personal intrusion which can be avoided if we follow some simple precautions.

Addicted to social media?
Cannot resist posting even those personal clicks on Facebook?
Enjoy all the attention showered by the cyber world on you activities and whereabouts?

Unknowingly you are exposing yourself to virtual predators that are out there on the internet to use and misuse your personal information to their own vested interests.

One fine morning you may find a fake profile of yours at the centre of a political controversy, your net banking account used to usurp all your savings or private portraits of yours mimicked into something nasty.

While the social media being a wonderful platform to invest your imagination in, it is not welcome to be a prey to privacy hacking or any kind of cyber venerability.

These are some of the simple steps which you, the social media enthusiast should follow to keep yourself safe from such unwelcomed invasion and enjoy the wonderful universe of the social networking.

Use a separate password for every virtual account

Using one password for all internet accounts makes your virtual existence easily accessible to hackers. Unique passwords keep you safe from virtual attack as hackers cannot easily guess or find out the keyword to your own virtual world.

Keep an eye on your mailbox

Using information technology intelligently takes you places. So keeping a vigilant eye on your inbox helps you identify real messages from fake ones. Phishers have used the same tactic for years by shooting mails to you pretending to come from a much known source like an old friend or accomplice. Replying to this exposes your private password thus throwing open the social account to hackers for malutilization.

Not good to be too frank

Information like your pet name or date of birth etc is most commonly used as password to protect multiple accounts on the internet. Revealing too many private information on social media allows hackers to know much about you and use the same data to seek entry into other social handles or private accounts of yours.

Keep your phone locked

Social media protection should not only be followed on the internet but in the real world as well. One’s smartphone should be locked always so that in case it falls into the wrong hands the hacker cannot physically intrude into your private settings and use your email, contacts, apps and social handles unethically. The phone’s timer should also be timed for not more than a few minutes to ward off undue advantage.

Use blocking and/or reporting

If you are followed by a spammer report the account immediately as spam. If the action becomes viral others may also follow suit and ultimately get the account removed. Those way spammers are hindered if not absolutely blocked.

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