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This is how hackers are feasting on new age technology

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This is how hackers are feasting on new age technology

Technology is giving hackers a field day out top feast on an ocean of information intruded out in a number of maliciously innovative ways.

Transport is easy these days.

A click on your mobile is going to get you the right car at the right time to make sure you reach your destination easily.

Imagine seeing one such car waiting on your porch to be ridden by your mind’s wishes instead of a manual driver.

Not a sci-fi fantasy anymore.

Days are not far when we shall do away with even the minimal requirement of manual labour to fulfil our needs. That would be the effect of the IoT of the Internet of things where data driven object connectivity would rule the world meeting the needs of time.

But not without its own price.

A self driven car may lead you to an unknown destination not ‘desired’ by you causing crime and criminals to have a field day out.

That’s hacking where cyber criminals intrude into your data base to rob sensitive information to be sued used for mass disruption.

With technology touching dizzying heights hackers are getting innovative ways out to hack the virtual world of data to ultimate malicious advantage. Some of such tools being misused by hackers are as follows.


As pointed out earlier the IoT or the internet of things, which means devices like vehicles, medical equipment and even simple objects like clothes interconnected to each other through vast networks. No wonder that increases productivity by enabling consumers make informed choices and sure sharp decisions but not without throwing new dangers of insecurity and vulnerability. Individual IoT devices offer cyber criminals vantage points of intrusion into secret networks and sensitive data banks. By uploading harmful software onto IoT devices to pollute the network, or launching a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack to overwhelm security countermeasures, hackers can play havoc with networks.


As the world becomes fiercely complex as well as connected corporate are required to take sensitive steps across multiple clouds and cloud platforms for processing, networking, co-location, and content delivery. In addition to that virtualization, automation, managing mobile devices and apps, and a variety of voice and collaboration tools accentuates the chances of confusion and differences. Although 5G technology is designed to provide ultimate data security an excess amount of new endpoints and threat planes can take organizations for some serious hacking ride.

Technical expertise

A popular saying in the hacker community goes “Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people.”

With emerging technology the users of the same are required to be smart enough to use them properly. A simple password if used carelessly can lead to colossal corporate chaos as all that a smart hacker needs if a pig hole to poke his nose in.

Once hackers get the required access it is only a matter of time for them to steal credit card info or download customer databases and to exploit the customer community. Hackers generally leave no stone unturned to meet their malicious intentions to the tee which is now called called social engineering and it includes impersonations, telemarketing, identity theft, blackmail, and worse.

The least any corporate house can do to ensure full proof cyber security for itself is hiring a competent batch of security experts for comprehensive anti hacking audit. ISOAH of the Indian School of Anti Hacking offers industry effective solutions to a safe and secure company database.

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