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Be Aware of ATM Skimming and The Ways to Avoid ATM Card Skimming Yourself

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Be Aware of ATM Skimming and The Ways to Avoid ATM Card Skimming Yourself

What if you entre an ATM to withdraw Rs 500 and end up being notified by the bank of having debited Rs 25,000 instead?

A daunting prospect isn't it?

Now tracking down the miscreant and recovering the money may take a toll on your time and mind, making the particular ATM encounter a memorable one albeit the wrong way. The question is how did the theft happen?

ATM skimming is a special type of financial forgery where the fraudsters place a special device on the face of an ATM machine which cajoles the customers by looking like a part of the same. Usual ATM visitors cannot differentiate between a skimming machine and the rest of the ATM machinery unless they are security experts or the skimmer is malfunctioning. In this scheme of thingsa small pinhole camera is hidden in a brochure holder near the ATM machine to copy the user's pin number to misuse it later. Not only ATMs but also petrol pumps are vulnerable to this type of mechanical mis-manipulations. Here we give you an understanding of the fraudulent phenomenon of ATM skimming and the ways to protect yourself from it.

What are causes of ATM skimming?

Skimming is one of the easiest financial frauds that have plagued our planet. It is simple to hackor bargeintoa bank's data base and copy the card or the pin numbers. Planting a replicating hardware on the ATM machine is even easier to know the confidential numbers. Once that is done it is only a matter of minutes to polish one's hands off an individual's account.

How to be immune to ATM skimming

  • Checking the ATM: One should be careful enough with any and every ATM one uses. The card sliders must be checked and if they donot match the colour and style of the machine there might be something wrong. The card scanner should also to be tested manually to know if there is something attached to the card reader.
  • Cover the keypad: The keypad where one types the pin number should be covered well enough to keep prying eyes and cameras off.
  • Check your account: The account and card statements should be checked regularly to know of any difference in bank balance in order to report the same to the bank within stipulated time.
  • Be selective: General ATMs at bars restaurants etc should be avoided as they are not properly guarded or monitored.

Prevention is better than cure. But not all preventive measures are equally successful. In case you fall prey to ATM skimmers your bankers can save your day by keeping their databases full proof, sound and safe from hacking. The Indian School of Anti Hacking is adept at auditing banking services networks to ensure shutting the doors for fraudsters from mishandling confidential data. We have successfully examined the internal networking system of Bandhan Bank and ensured ultimate data security to the aforementioned banking institution with our expert anti hacking auditing procedure.

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